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We’re pleased to provide pharmacy services to all our patients. If you have a prescription from a TRICARE network or non-network doctor, you may fill it here, as long as it’s available on our Uniform Formulary. Call us at 301-677-8800, opt 4 to see if your drug is available. We provide up to a 90-day supply for most drugs.

Our Military Pharmacy Services

​Our pharmacy services are available to eligible TRICARE beneficiaries of all ages. Prescription medications may be obtained at our Main or PX Pharmacy. Beneficiaries may also receive medications using TRICARE Home Delivery or a TRICARE Network Pharmacy. In most instances, a maximum of 90 days' supply can be dispensed per provider prescription for maintenance medications. Controlled substances are dispensed at a maximum of a 30-day supply. 

Maintenance Drugs

Maintenance drugs are those you take regularly for a chronic condition (i.e., drugs to control blood pressure or cholesterol). All beneficiaries must refill certain maintenance drugs through home delivery or at military pharmacies. This does not apply to Active duty service members.
Search the List of Maintenance Drugs to see if you have a prescription you should have transferred to be filled here at Kimbrough or via home delivery.

Transferring Prescriptions

If you have prescriptions at another pharmacy, you may transfer your prescriptions to our military pharmacy. Call the Express Scripts Member Choice center at 1-877-882-3335 to learn more about prescription transfers.

Uniform Formulary

All military pharmacies have a Uniform Formulary. The Uniform Formulary is a list of drugs that are available at all full-service military pharmacies. Call us at 301-677-8800, Option 4 to see if your drug is available.

TRICARE Formulary

The TRICARE Formulary is a list of generic and brand-name prescription drugs covered by TRICARE.  You can search the TRICARE Formulary to:

  • See how much it costs and where you can get it filled
  • See if your prescription needs prior authorization
  • Look up the medical necessity criteria
  • Get the prior authorization and medical necessity forms for your prescription

To start your search, you’ll need to put in the brand name or generic name of the drug and then select the strength prescribed, as well as your gender and age.

Filling Prescriptions

The first step is to activate your prescription before coming to pick up your medication.

New Prescriptions

New and renewal prescriptions are picked up at the Main Pharmacy. National Capital Region Network pharmacies no longer accept routine hardcopy or paper prescriptions. Exceptions are made only for prescriptions written by emergency or dental providers or provider offices without electronic prescription capabilities. Please have your provider send your prescriptions electronically to military pharmacies.

We highly recommend using the mobile prescription activation (Q-Anywhere) to minimize wait time in activating prescriptions.
Take advantage of our ScriptCenter Kiosk at the Main Pharmacy entrance for extended hours to help speed up the pick up of non-refrigerated prescriptions.

Refill Prescriptions

All refill prescriptions are picked up at the PX Pharmacy. All refills must be called into the Pharmacy Audiocare refill line 1-800-377-1723. Turnaround time for refill requests is three business days.
Note: Walk-in, same-day refills will only be filled in emergency situations and may take up to four hours to process.

Prescription Pick-Up

Please activate your request for medication before coming to the pharmacy for pick up as it will reduce your overall wait time.
  • To pick up a prescription, please call 301-677-8800 first to activate your prescription. You can call from anywhere to activate.
  • You can also take advantage of our mobile activation (Q-Anywhere) to activate your prescription and reduce your prescription wait time. If your prescription has been entered into the system within the previous seven days, text 'Get in Line' to 833-224-5456 and follow all prompts. You will get a text on when to come and get your prescription. If you do not get a text within an hour, you can proceed to the pharmacy lobby for limited pick-up option.
  • You can also take advantage of the ScriptCenter Kiosk to plan for and reduce your prescription wait time.

Medication Disposal

A medication disposal bin is located for your convenience by the Main Pharmacy inside the building. NO SHARPS (including lancets, needles, syringes, and other home health care sharps) may be disposed in the medication bin.  To dispose of any sharps, please see options below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Pharmacy's Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Mobile Prescription Activation

Text 'Get in line' to

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