Flu vaccines will be available at McGill Dec. 6 from 10 AM to 6 PM for active duty and TRICARE beneficiaries enrolled at a military facility (not enrolled in US Family Health or Johns Hopkins).

Health Services

Outside Lab Orders still accepted by drop-off only and will process in two business days. Updated procedure allows proper entry of order into MHS GENESIS. Visit our Alerts page for more information.


We are committed to providing a full range of laboratory tests in a caring environment. We strive to ensure you receive personalized care, starting the moment you arrive at the laboratory's check-in counter. Our phlebotomy team offers fast, convenient, and friendly service, while our medical technologists are dedicated to reporting accurate and reliable test results using state-of-the-art equipment.

Services offered

  • Routine Phlebotomy
  • Urinalysis 
  • Post-Vasectomy Testing 
  • General Chemistry testing (various tests) 
  • Hematology testing (CBC, PT, PTT, INR, ESR) 
  • Serology (COVID/FLU/RSV PCR, Mono Test, RPR)

Services NOT offered

  • Toxicology 
  • Semen Analysis 
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 
  • Blood Gas 
  • Blood Bank/Transfusion Services  
  • Microbiology

Laboratory Policies

  • All services are walk-in; no appointment necessary.
  • Accurate patient identification is absolutely essential.  Present DoD ID Card to verify eligibility for treatment.
  • All orders for tests requested must be entered into the MHS GENESIS system.
  • If bringing a lab order from an outside provider, the provider’s printed name and signature must be present on the order.  Provider’s NPI number may also be needed to process your request for labs. 
  • All specimens must be submitted in properly labeled container with patient’s name, date of birth, SSN, FMP and date.
  • Patients requesting information regarding laboratory results or other Protected Health Information will be referred to their Health Care Provider, Clinic or Customer Service. 


It is completely up to your Health Care Provider if fasting is required.  If required by Provider, fast 8 – 10 hours.  Only water can be consumed during fasting. 

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